Research and development

KBT scientists and engineers conduct advanced R&D projects with funding from a variety of federal agencies including the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, National Science Foundation, National Space and Aeronautics Administration, and various agencies of the Department of Defense. These resources have been used to bring important, novel products to market through our commercial technology partners.


Contract Product Design

KBT researchers, engineers, and technicians provide design services in the areas of electrical engineering, software engineering, and prototype manufacturing.

Engineers at Koronis Biomedical Technologies are experienced product developers. Our technical team employs proven design methodologies to minimize cost and risk to build novel products the right way the first time.


Electrical Engineering

Available design development tools include: Protel Design Suite, Orcad, Silvaco integrated circuit design tools, Microchip tools, MATLAB, VHDL, HSPICE, Cadence CAD tools. Laboratory resources include digital oscilloscopes, precision counter/timers, spectrum analyzers, a variety of RF instruments, processor emulation tools, and logic analyzers.


Software Engineering

Software expertise includes the following relevant skills: object oriented analysis, design and development; web application development; handheld wireless applications, relationship database development; rule-based and model-based diagnostic systems; embedded firmware development, W3C technologies including XML, XSL, XPath, etc.; numerical algorithms; and various programming languages such as C/C++, FORTRAN, Pascal and assembly language.


Prototype Manufacturing

Small quantity manufacturing capabilities include surface mount PCB and hybrid assembly.